“Thank you for helping people like me find themselves again when they are buried under all their problems and worries…you show us the way out”.      Adult

“Thank you so much.  Your expertise is transforming me”.     Adult

“I have told you things I have not told anyone before and you have never judged me and I thank you for that”.   Adult

“These sessions have been valuable and I have moved on with the issues we have discussed.  I will miss this”.    Adult

“Before coming to see you my future was not really something I was particularly relishing, but now it is one filled with optimism, excitement and happiness.  You are the person who gave me my life back”.   Adult

“There are not many people who have had so much impact on my life.  You have given me my life and the ability to breath again”.   Adult

When young people were asked….’What was the most useful thing that you learned from counselling’…they answered:

“How to cope with my problems in a better and more safe way and how to be more confident”.  Secondary School Student

“I have learned how to control my feelings and understand my anxiety”.  Secondary School Student

“That I am worth more than what I think and it won’t be bad forever.  Also, people care about me”.  Secondary School Student

“There are people who can help you change things in your life and you don’t have to do it on your own”.  Secondary School Student

“How to understand other people.  What to do in difficult situations”.  Secondary School Student

“To off-load”.  Secondary School Student

“Controlling breathing”.  Secondary School Student

“I was able to talk to someone about all my problems and learn ways to deal with my feelings”.  Secondary School Student

“I can tell them anything and no-one else (my friends) will know my worries”.  Primary School Pupil

“I learnt how to explore problems”.  Primary School Pupil

“Everything is going to get better at some point”.  Primary School Pupil

“How to have fun”.  Primary School Pupil

“How to deal with losing friends”.  Primary School Pupil

“To talk and get my problems off my chest”.  Primary School Pupil

“To stay calm”.  Primary School Pupil

Parent Feedback on their child’s counselling

“My daughter rated her counsellor a 10/10”.  Parent

“Really helpful”.  Parent

“Helpful, good listener and a kind understanding person” Parent

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting my little boy back.. It was so sad to see him like he was and I felt so helpless, nothing worked!  You are a star!”  Parent